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This series of water towers was photographed in Sardinia during the summer of 2009. It derives from my personal interest in these peculiar mushroom shaped concrete structures. The towers are used here as a helpful tool to bring to focus one of the most burning world issues: Climate Change.

Sardinia is, amongst other European regions, a place where the catastrophic consequences of Climate Change have started to manifest. The process of desertification has begun to affect the land. The term ‘desertification’ is not intended as the expansion of natural deserts, such as sand dunes expanding into agricultural land, but as a gradual weakening of the soil until the complete loss of fertility. Desertification is caused by overgrazing, deforestation and arable-farming: all manmade environmental alterations.

For the past 15 years in the South of Europe, the average temperature has been rising constantly.
The temperature record shows that last summer’s average values reached those of intertropical zones. The number of wet days has decreased and so has the volume of precipitations. Much like in tropical countries, there seems to be periods of dryness/drought alternated with periods of concentrated rainfall/floods. The results are catastrophic. 

The water towers symbolise water itself. Its worth and value will soon be comparable to that of oil. Water is at the centre of bloody wars, famine and is often a reason for mass migration.

The tower always at the exact centre of the image, surrounded by arid land appears in a symbolic way almost as a mirage in the desert.